Source: Anderson County Dodge Report

Construction investments in Anderson County had total in-vestments of $26,450,652 for the month of February. The dollar amount of construction investments covers many differ-ent types of new construction. The totals include construction in the following areas: new res-idential, new residential non-housekeeping buildings, new non-residential buildings such as churches, industrial, offices, stores anything other than residential and then additions-conversions, for residential such as garages and additions followed by non-residential, non-housekeeping, followed by business buildings.

86 single family detached homes permitted. The total construction investments for new resi-dential buildings was $ 15,880,540.

35 new non-residential buildings were constructed. This included churches, industrial, professional offices, public works, stores, customer service related structures and other non-residential buildings for a total investment of $8,919,722.

35 buildings were either remodeled or had new additions 11 of these were residential proper-ties adding garages or carports. Construction investments in remodeling and additions were $1,650,390.