Why Belong to the HBAA?

If we are going to survive as private businessmen in this ear of Big Government, Big Labor and Big Business, we must have a strong, aggressive and respected National Association to fight our battles on any grounds, including those in the highest councils of the nation.

by taking advantage of the resources your Local, State and National Home Builders Associations have at their command to furnish you with information and assist in solving your problems.
before the Congress and the Federal Agencies, the State Legislature, the state regulatory bodies, the County and Municipal authorities and agencies.
to the storehouse of knowledge that is available to member through NAHB’s Workshops and Seminars, Library, technical publications and staff services.
a tremendous voluntary and cooperative organization which represents your industry in every state of the Union.
your business, social and public contacts- and every contact a businessman makes is a potential asset to himself and his business.
through participation in your Association activities,by working with others to solve mutual problems and achieve mutual objectives.
“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has the moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt ~
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Please contact the HBAA office for more information and a membership application

As a member you will have many services available to you including: business management, litigation and westlaw, land use and environmental affairs, technical services, library of residential and light commercial construction, publications and communications, economics and mortgage finance, industry councils, services to affiliated local and state associations, and industry representation.
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It Pays to be a Member

As an HBAA memeber, you can receive discounts and benefits like the following:
    Verizon Wireless Discounts
    Member Rebate Programs
    Workers’ Comp Program
    Home Warranty Program
    Group Health Insurance Program
    Certified Master Builder Program
    Member Advantage Program
    Government & Regulatory Affairs Services
    Premier Builder Club
    SC Builders PAC
    SC Housing Hall of Fame
    Pinnacle Awards
    Education Programs
    Spike Club Social
    Legislative Day & Oyster Roast
    Carowinds Theme Park Discounts
    Legislative Weekly e-newsletter
    Builder New Network e-newsletter
    Builder Journal Magazine
    HBASC Website
    Networking Opportunities
    HBASC Staff/Resources